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Just In Case Review and Giveaway *Changes to Giveaway, Winner added*

One thing I've learned in life is rarely rely on anyone else but yourself.  When I was single, it was no different, I always carried money with me on every date, I always drove myself and most importantly I always brought my own condom.  You know some guys will use any excuse to not have to use one of these puppies such as, "Oh I forgot it in my other pants, let's just go without."  or the ever so famous "Come on!  It feels better without one!".  But we're not dumb, are we ladies?  Now there are people out there that would see a condom in a woman's purse and think she's frisky, so some ladies are a little embarrassed to carry one around, which is understandable.  Well worry no more, Just In Case is here to the rescue!  

So what exactly is Just in Case?
According to their site :"The idea for Just In Case was developed in the 1980s.  The founder of Just In Case, Marsha G. Bartenetti, came up with the idea over dinner with a neighbor of hers, Dr. Carl Djerassi, who just happens to be a world renowned chemist whose research findings lead to the birth of "the pill" and revolutionized the way we view sexuality today!  He suggested that the condom was a great way to protect people against pregnancy and STDs but they had a bad image, was there anything she could do to change that?  That was when Just In Case was born.  The first Condom Compact was made in 1982, the idea was before it's time where AIDs, STDs, and unplanned pregnancies were not talked about as freely as they are today.  As time went on, the idea was kind of put on a back burner.  Until 2003, when Just In Case Inc. was formed and the research and development phase began.  Now you can find Just In Case Condom Compacts in many fine retailers and of course on their website.  It is their philosophy that although a woman may be sophisticated, smart, sexy and forward thinking in her world, beneath the strong exterior lives a woman who is innately modest with a desire to be loved and respected; a different kind of strength.  Often times a woman's want to please her partner out weighs the risks she takes to her health and future.  Furthermore, the idea of purchasing condoms might seem too embarrassing or she may feel judged by possessing them.  Just In Case provides a very stylish, discreet way to always make sure you make the safe, right decision when it comes to protecting yourself.  Their designs are always evolving and they have beautiful compacts for every budget and every style.  They also provide online dialogue for women to share ideas and stay on top of the latest news and advances in women's health and sex education.  They are dedicated to the pursuit of their goals through active listening, experience and continued education." 
So what did I think?
Just In Case Inc. don't just provide a stylish and discreet way to carry a condom with you where ever you go but they also provide information and a place to discuss your needs with others in the same position as you.  I feel that they are doing an amazing thing by providing women this outlet.  Too many women out there get suckered into believing that they aren't being good girlfriends if they use a condom.  Even the strongest of women can be suckered into believing b.s. like this because love is blind.  I would recommend every woman I know to check out this site.  Look at their adorable, affordable products but also look at the other resources they provide.  For some this will be an eye opening experience.  Whether you're 15 or 99 this information is very helpful.  Another thing I love about this company is it is run by a mom!  I love Momtrepenuers like myself, they always seem to put a little extra love into what they do.  Just In Case provided me with 2 compacts and they are beautiful!  Each comes with a mirror and a little hidden compartment for your condoms.  Here are the two I was sent:
                                                  Basic Black JustInCase II-- $16.95 value
                                               Metallic JustInCase Compact -- $24.95 value
 Here are 2 others I found to be just irresistible!  The first is the Pastel Compacts --$24.95 value
 And for those of you with a little extra spending money, the Classic Bling Compact --$199.00 value
 All Just In Case shipments are sent in a discreet brown box or mailing envelopes with Just In Case written on the return address label.  Any charges to your account will show up as "Hands Services."  With Valentines' Day upon us, what better gift than the gift of a full, healthy and happy life?  Stay protected, don't leave home without your Just In Case condom compact!

So where can you go to get one of your own?
Depending on where you live, a few retailers sell Just In Case Condom Compacts such as "Sea Cup and Up" in Sarasota, FL or "The Todd" in Tampa FL. (I live in FL)  You can go here to find a retailer near you : Find a Retailer  Or you can visit their website and order one of your own straight from the company itself.  Their customer service is superb and again, the website isn't just for purchasing your very own condom compact, you can also find a lot of useful information on there as well.  That site is located here : JustInCase site  Their basic compacts start at a very affordable $16.95 and go all the way up to $199.99 for their blinged
 Want to win a Condom Compact of your very own?
Of course you do!  And it's simple!
MANDATORY ENTRY (must be completed or additional entries do NOT count): Comment here about what you're Valentine's Day plans are.
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I will pick 2 lucky winners who will win their very own Just In Case Condom Compact on Sunday, February 27th at 8pm. One winner will win a classic Compact in the color of their choice, the second will win a Just In Case II.  I will use to select the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or it will be awarded to someone else.  

I was given this product for free for the purpose of providing a product review.  I was not compensated in any way and my opinions on this blog are always unbiased.


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