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The Butt Book Children's Book Review**GIVEAWAY ADDED**


This will be my very first book review so bare with me! ;) (haha horrible I know)  I recently met a wonderfully funny man by the name of Artie Bennett who is the author of this great book called The Butt Book.  Everyone that's read this awesome book has found it irresistible and I can see why!  This was one of very few children's books that I can say I truly enjoyed cover to cover.  So here's a little more information about Artie Bennett and The Butt Book.

Who is Artie Bennett?
   According to his site, "Artie Bennett is an executive copy-editor for a children's book publisher and he writes a little on the side (but not the backside!)."  He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Georgia to pursue a journalism degree.  Afterwards he went to work for the Athens Banner-Herald with none other than Kate Pierson from the B-52s -- who was paste-up artist before her "ship came in."  
   "As a toddler, little Artie Bennett developed a fascination for language after "chewing on" the board book version of Strunk and 'White's Elements of Style.' To this day he collects colorful and evocative words such as pilgarlic ("a bald-headed man), callipygian ("having a shapely buttocks") and limacine ("sluglike")  
    Artie loves to exercise and enjoys rollerblading (though sadly, he'll never learn how to brake) "tooling his bike" around Prospect Park, playing squash and practicing hatha yoga.  He is also an eager swimmer and has coined a term "laphappy" to characterize the swimmers high he strives for. 
    Besides exercise, Artie's loves classical music, folk music, show tunes, and more and years ago, he took up the flute and mandolin but put them both down before he could make beautiful music. 

What is "The Butt Book"?
"The Butt Book" is the first mature work Artie had written.  Now I'm guessing you're probably wondering where he got the idea for "The Butt Book".  Well, if you are familiar with the Dr. Seuss's anatomical series, the Bright and Early Books, you might remember they had "The Foot Book", "The Ear Book", "The Eye Book", "The Tooth Book", and of course "The Eyetooth Book".  So Artie got to thinking,  "The Butt Book" would be a great addition to that collection!  But there was one problem with that idea.  The brilliant author of those books, the late Dr. Seuss, passed away in 1991.  So, since he wasn't around to write the story, somebody had to write it!  And that's where Artie came in!  With the help of Illustrator Mike Lester, "The Butt Book" was born!  Mike Lester has illustrated a couple dozen children's books and Artie was ecstatic when he found out he was going to be working with Mike.  Mike has a captivating zany sense of humor and his animal illustrations are hysterical!  He is well regarded by his peers and has won a "butt load" of awards (no pun intended )
  Here are some priceless outtakes that didn't make it to print from "The Butt Book".

Butts are found on cigarettes,
the Yankees and the New York Mets

This idea was cut because cigarettes are an absolute no no in children's books, but still hilarious! haha!

Here's the other one from Artie's site:

From pigs' butts we get juicy hams,
which sure go great with candied yams!

It wasn't the kosher police that killed this verse, it was the thought of killing a poor piggy.  Kids sensibilities are too tender to handle that, so it was felt.

What did I think?
Ashton and I both loved this story.  Not only was it funny but the illustrations were great and it's perfect for my 5 year old to read to me as well!  Artie signed this copy for Ashton, which I though was amazing!  He has one heck of a talent.  I highly recommend this book for every parent to read to their child.  Ashton has already begged me to let him take it to school to show his friends and my mother who is a Kindergarten teacher has asked me if she could read it to her class as well.  This book is perfect for younger children up to about age 8 or 9, in my opinion.  

For more information or to purchase your own copy:
Visit Artie's website, or you can find "The Butt Book" on Amazon for $11.55.  This book is hardcover, 32 pages, and for ages 4-8.  
Publisher: Bloombsbury USA Children's Books (December 22, 2009)

**ADDED MARCH 3rd 2011** 
Win Win Win!
The very generous author of The Butt Book has offered one lucky winner an AUTOGRAPHED copy of The Butt Book!  That's right!  Here's how! 31256 5140

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  I received this book for free for the purpose of a review.  I disclose here.


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