Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweetly You Fragrance Sampler Review

I don't know about you ladies, but I go nuts over some good perfumes or fragrances of any kind for that matter.  If it smells good and it lasts a while, I can't resist.  That's why I was so excited to try out Sweetly You's Fragrance Sampler.  With fragrances like Pink, New Romance and Watermelon Slices I was really looking forward to trying them out!  So you wanna know how it went?  Well here it goes:

First of all, what they say:

Bath and Body

Sweetly You has scented bath and body products like Premium Lotion, Foaming Bath Butter, Sugar Scrubs, Solid Perfume, and Dead Sea Bath Salts.  Our unique scents include Signature scents similar to those found at Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret and whatever else you can imagine!

What I say:
I am very impressed with overall customer service and the choices they have are endless!  I couldn't believe how many fragrance choices they have!  They literally have something for everyone!  The sample pack I received came with 10 fragrance samples.  Here is the scents I chose:
Pink, Flirty, Wild Bouquet, Watermelon Slices, Sweet Pea, Royal Pear, Strawberries and Champagne, Blushing Rose, New Romance and Very Sexy.
While each fragrance has it's own unique scent, they all "have a rich base of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and musk supporting mid notes of rose, orange flower, iris, and lotus blossom, with top notes of berries, plum, orange and bergamot to create a complex and sensual fragrance.  Compare to Bath and Body Works fragrance Sensual Amber."
My favorites were: Sweet Pea (smelled just like Sweet Pea should), Pink (reminded me of Victoria's Secret Pink), Very Sexy (almost reminds me of Tommy Girl) and Flirty ( I can't put my finger on the scent but it smells more perfume-y than body spray)
While I only reviewed the Fragrances, they also have other very interesting items they sell.  Bath and Body lotions and soaps, and you can even custom design your own gift package!  That comes with your choice of over 50 fragrances and your choice of a 3.5 oz Jelly Belly treat to go along with it!  

Pros: The fragrances smell amazing and they last ALL day!  I know i've had high end perfumes that haven't lasted as long as these have!  I also love that there is SO many choices to be had!  Prices are affordable for most.  The little bottles that come with the sample pack have a neat little stick in the bottle to help you apply it easily.  The sample pack I received to review is $9.95.

Cons: Some of the fragrances were very strong and it's hard to pick out scents over the net because you can't always tell what it's going to smell like by the name.  

Want it? I don't blame ya!
If you would like to check out their site and try it out for yourself, and I highly recommend you do, go to : Sweetly You
And because ya'll are so great here is an EXCLUSIVE discount code for 20% off each item you order!  You can't get this anywhere else!!  Just use the code P90298K99 at checkout.

Dislcaimer: I received this product to try for free from Sweetly You for the purpose of reviewing the product.  These are my own opinions and of course are completely unbiased! :)


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