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Especially from Santa Review


Ho Ho Ho!!!

Christmas will be here before you know it! (Only 2 more weeks!! AH!!)  And for those of you with children, like me, it's that special time of year Santa Claus comes to town!  My son is finally at the age where he's comfortable with Santa.   He was terrified of him up until 3 years old, at 4 he was nervously excited but now at 5 he's just ecstatic!  He's been good all year ( with a little reminding by Mommy and Daddy) and he's ready to get down to business!  So a few weeks ago I found Especially from Santa, a wonderful company that writes personalized letters to children FROM SANTA!  Needless to say I wanted to learn more!  I think this is just an awesome idea!

Directly from Especially from Santa:
    "Every child, it seems, is absolutely bursting with excitement and anticipation at the thrill of having Santa Claus remember them and their family on Christmas Eve, not wanting to be forgotten by Old Saint Nick!"

   "Wouldn’t it be magical for you to plant the seeds of excitement, thrill, and absolute astonishment in the minds of your little ones with a keepsake-quality letter!"

   " Imagine, too, the smiles, the delight, and the adoration on the faces of family and friends with whom you share photos of those magical expressions!  Certainly this experience will magically trigger the recall in their own mind’s eye that will play back their own Christmas Holiday sensations, many of which they will feel compelled to share again, and again . . ."
 " is here to ensure that magical memories transpire in front of your very own eyes, and we are honored to be part of this magical Christmas Holiday with you! This is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you could ever give!"

“We do All of the Hard Part – Just Get the Camera Ready!”

Directly from Me:

 I wish these were around when I was younger!  I really think this is a great idea!  What child wouldn't get excited about A LETTER FROM SANTA HIMSELF? Especially so close to Christmas!  I remember hoping and praying that Santa wouldn't forget my house and I see my son doing the same thing!  It's adorable!  When we received it yesterday, I had my son grab the mail off of the table to give to me and sorted through it in front of him.  When I came to the letter I said "Ashton! Look! You got a letter in the mail!"  He looked at me like I had 9 heads!  "A letter?  But I'm only 5!"  he exclaimed.  "Yup for you!" I told him and handed him the letter.  He opened it and inside was a festive letter from Santa Claus himself and an activity booklet along with a door hanger that says: " Santa I've Been Good! Please Stop Here!"  He handed me the letter to read and when he heard that Santa knew that he likes Transformers and video games his jaw dropped to the floor.  I said to him, "See!  I told he he's always watching!"  If he didn't believe me before, he does now!  Ashton insisted on taking his letter to school with him today to show all of his friends!  He's so proud that he made it on Santa's Good list this year!  This product is not only an adorable, keepsake but it's also a quality product.  I love the whole idea and the interactiveness of the whole experience!

Pros: As I stated before, this is a quality product and the price is extremely affordable.  This is something you can keep, frame and hang up for years to come!  The letter was right on about what Ashton is into and even a little note about where we live, to make it that much more believeable to him!

Cons: Its not a letter my son could read himself, it was something I had to read to him because it had some big words in it.  Other than that, I have no complaints!

What's included? (from website)

* Festive Envelope with North Pole design postmark and stamp.

* "Nice List" Recipients posted to Santa's Offical Nice List on their website.

      (First name, Last Initial, Zip Code only)

* A Photo (Tree Hanger) of Santa himself!

* An Activity Booklet filled with fun things for your little ones to do,

* Personalized Letter made from quality Acid free stationary, making it a keepsake that will last

   for years to come!

* Best of all it's a risk free purchase!  Satisfaction Guaranteed--or your money back!

Want it?  I don't blame you!

You can purchase your very own Letter from Santa from Especially from Santa by visiting their website: Especially from Santa

Letters run $10 each and include everything mentioned above!

Trust me you don't want to miss out on this awesome opportunity!  You won't regret it when you see the excitement on your children's faces!

And right now for the first 15 people that comment below will receive and EXCLUSIVE buy 2 get 1 free deal from Especially From Santa!  (One child's name per letter/ Total of 3 letters can go to siblings, cousins, friends, pets, whoever you choose!)  ALL orders MUST be in by Saturday at Midnight EST to take advantage of this awesome deal!  (Sorry I know it's a little short notice, it's outta my hands.)

Also check out Santa's very own blog! (how cool is that?)  You can see everything from his "Official Nice List 2010, to what the elves and reindeer are doing to get ready for the big day!  And of course how he's preparing as well!  Here's the link to his blog: Santa's Nice List 2010 

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