Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Schick Quattro Women's Razor Review

Razors are a HUGE part of being a woman.  We have to shave just about every day just to stay looking our best! (Or at least I do, being a hairy Puerto Rican and all)  The whole process from finding the right razor at the right price to going home and actually putting it to the test is a HUGE pain!  I don't know how many time's i've gone to the store and bought a razor I was completely unhappy with after just one use!  Not to mention razors are crazy expensive now a days!  $10 for a couple disposables, are they kidding?!  I've settled for the less expensive razors with just one blade and ended up cutting my legs to pieces and i've also splurged and spent a lot more than I should have on a razor that just didn't cut close enough or cut so close it took a layer of skin off with the hair!  Needless to say after a long battle with disposable razors I was at my wits end and just started using my husband's razor (using my own razor head of course).  He owns a Schick Quattro and I loved how close it got but also how the little moisturizing strip really did make my legs feel silky smooth when I was finished.  When I was contacted to review the Schick Quattro Women's Disposable Razor I was pretty stoked to say the least! Let me tell you, this razor is great!  9 out of 10 stars.  The razor it self is a slick design which is perfect to get around those womanly curves we all have, it has a no slip grip on the handle for those times you slip in the tub, (I know i've cut myself pretty bad before, looked like murder scene I was bleeding so much), and it contains 4 blades to get the closest shave yet!  It also has little moisturizing strips on top and on the bottom of the 4 razor blades.  The actual head of the razor moves up and down to reach even the toughest spots like behind the knee and parts of the underarm.  This is the first razor I've used that I could go through just once or twice and all the hair would be gone.  I was very surprised at just how well this razor actually works. I did knick myself a couple of times, but I account that more to operator error than anything else. I would recommend this to EVERY woman I know! This would make a super duper stocking stuffer!  

Buy it:
You can purchase this wonderful razor at most retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, CVS, etc.  They go for about $6 - $8 from what I could find but I have included a link for a $2 off coupon for those of you that want to partake in this wonderful opportunity!
Visit to get $2 off your own Schick Quattro!

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